Bonnie Young


From the time we were literally playing with dolls and wearing ruffle socks, many of us embraced our love for fashion. I have always had an interest in childrenswear, and I love finding designers that embody the same whimsical yet chic aesthetic I like in their childrenswear collections. She herself describes her designs as “nomadic”, which as I mentioned is a trend fit for any modern day maiden. The Bonnie Young brand Fall 2012 lookbook features wolves, fur, flamingoes, and glamourous yet timeless designs – the perfect combination for any fairytale. Take a look at the Bonnie Young Fall 2012 Lookbook here:



4 thoughts on “Bonnie Young

  1. Having two little children myself, I’m naturally a follower of anything new that comes out in that zone. However, I’ve been most amazed by the images you’ve posted this week on your web, as I’ve never seen such a beautiful collection in my life. I’m not very familiar with Bonnie Young’s work, but after seeing these images I’ll definitely pay more attention to her.

    Great post!!!

    • Thank you very much for the reply! I am glad that I came across Bonnie Young’s site, and I will continue to be on the look out for more childrenswear designers with great design aesthetic.

  2. While I do think this look book is beautiful in an ethereal way (this reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia!), overall I think it’s kind of creepy. All of these kids with their scraggly hair and their collection of animals look somber and sad, and I feel like kids should look happy. I also think some of the outfits are too “old” for these kids. They look like little adults, and I’m all for prolonging how long kids gets to look like and BE kids.

    • I can definitely understand your point of view, kids should be kids. However, I personally love designers like Bonnie Young for their aesthetic and inspirational value, rather than practicality. The ethereal visuals that you described are what give me inspiration for future store designs or other creative pursuits.

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